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Data Protection at GO2OL.ch

It goes without saying that data protection is also an important issue with GO2OL.ch. Certainly, your data is handled in the utmost careful manner.

Registering on the website

In order for being able to use GO2OL.ch, a few data about the users has to be gathered and saved.  For Swiss people it is the name, first name, year of birth, SOLV-number, e-mail address and a password.
For participants from a foreign country it is the name, first name, year of birth, user-ID, e-mail address, password, club and nationality.
The password is encoded and saved at GO2OL.ch, meaning that it cannot be requested by mail. Therefore, it is recommended that a complex password is used that can’t be guessed easily. The responsibility, however, lies with the user. That information is not visible to the outsider.

The mode, scope and purpose of data use

During the process of entering an event more data is gathered that is necessary for the organizers.
On the website the following information is visible to everyone on the participant’s list: name, first name, year of birth or age, class, place of residence, club, SI-card and nationality.
The following information is passed on to the organizers in order to generate the start list and results: name, first name, year of birth, SOLV-number, resp. user-ID, club, nationality, class, gender, SI-card, place of residence with street, zip code and residence, e-mail address, entry fees, status of payment, information about start time wishes and mode of transportation as well as remarks.
Some of this information is later used for the presentation of the results on the web page of Swiss Orienteering or on the web site of the organizer.

The password is encoded and saved. No cookies are used on GO2OL.ch; we are working only with session variables.

Transfer to third parties

No data is passed on except to the organizers. Occasionally, a survey may be done by GO2OL.ch only for orienteering specific purposes and the e-mail addresses are used.

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