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Did you take part to an earlier event like Swiss-O-Week or WMOC 2010? Then you might have a UserID and a password!

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Welcome to swiss entering page

A. Entry for foreign runners

You are not Swiss, are not living in Switerland and you only take once or seldomly part in Swiss orienteering events? Then you have the possibility entering the data base of foreign runners of GO2OL.ch with almost the same options as the Swiss runners. You can register with one login for one or more events. It is possible to enter yourself and all other persons of your club and you can also pay everything online using Mastercard or Visa.

This is the process with four steps:
1st step: You register into data base of GO2OL.ch. Perhaps you have to enter first your clubname (within the same step). For a group only one person needs to register!

     Start here the first step!

2nd step: Login to overview-site (directly afterwards or later...)!

     If you already have a UserID and a password: go ahead here to this step!

3rd step: Choose and regisiter for one or more events; you can register yourself and other persons of your club.
4th step: Paying online everything together.

B. Special case: Regular visitor to Swiss O-events?

In Switzerland exists a data base which is suitable for runners that live in Switzerland or that often participate in swiss orienteering events. Therefor a SOLV-Number is generated that is useful for all enterings in Switzerland. However afterwards you have to enter also the data base of GO2OL.ch

     Go ahead to Swiss data base.   « Please: Only if you fulfil the conditions above!
     Afterwards entering the data base of GO2OL.ch.


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